Print out barcode stickers of any type with interchangeable information easily and efficiently

Synchronize any device or database

The system connects to the database and extracts all that it requires to create the sticker. The system knows to work with all ERP systems commonly used in the market

Print out easily from any screen in the system

You can easily print out barcodes from any screen in your ERP system

All types of printers and barcodes

The system supports all types of printers, sizes, stickers and barcodes including RFID, QR, card labels and as such

Suitable for all types of industry

Hospital accessories, medicine bottles, chemicals, food packaging, consumer products and more…

Save precious time, human error and money with barcode printing software with automatically interchangeable information.

Better organized, more efficient

The XPress2 barcode program helps you organize inventory and assets, reduces human errors and allows for significant savings throughout the process

Not only labels

The use of barcodes simplifies the entire organization and order processes. The authentication  times shorten and many more people are able to work at ease, which saves your organization time and money.

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