No longer will you need to look for documents and delivery notes, saving you manpower, fuel and money!

Establishing smart and cost saving distribution routes

No more need for expensive printing of paper and storage spaces. It is all done digitally and legitimately

Central management system

Central control of drivers and delivery notes in real-time in the system

Ability to work even in areas without cellular reception

The system enables drives to sign their clients even in areas without cellular reception, and the document will be dispatched to the system when the driver arrives at a location with cellular coverage

Altering the client that the driver is approaching the destination

The system sends an SMS message to the client as the driver is nearing the destination

“The Shipsnap System is an application based advanced system for Android based devices, and is managed though a central server in the Cloud.

Shipsnap is a central system which handles the management of the organization’s distribution system – building optimal distribution routs, control and management of delivery notes, digital signing, saving a location in the GPS, ability to take a photo, control of loading and unloading goods, SMS alerts to the client as the driver is arriving at the destination, an interface to the ERP system and more.

  Thanks to the strong distribution management and calculation of efficient distribution routes, Shipsnap becomes a leading brand in the POD (proof of delivery) market as a solution which streamlines and saves the organization thousands of NIS on fuel, wages and working hours.”

The driver receives the delivery notes of the day to his mobile phone

It is possible to upload all the delivery notes in an orderly fashion according to a future delivery day

Planning the optimal driving route

The system weighs a variety of parameters such as: the driver’s working schedule, number of distribution points, weight of the packages and maximum loading capacity of each truck, maximum driving distance of the drivers, delivery windows for the client to receive delivery, heavy traffic on the way, stopping time at the clients for unloading and more.

Real-time information regarding each driver

Shipsnap enables you to see in real–time where every driver is located in relation to the route defined for him

In case a driver experiences a problem, the system enables to transfer his delivery notes to another driver

Updating the client by SMS when the driver approaches

And in addition, enables to control the process of deliveries executed for each driver

Signing the client on the mobile phone or tablet

The delivery note is presented to the client in full for signing. The client sees what he is signing

The signed document is automatically sent for filing in the ERP system

After the client signs the document on the driver’s mobile device – the system files the signed document back into the ERP system so it allows to fully control the delivery notes

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