Allow any user in the organization to sign documents with an authorized signature or secured with no limits on quantity or users

Sharing one digital signature with all of the network's computers

You can place a digital signature from any computer in the network instead of purchasing a signature for each employee or department

Multiple signatures on one computer

You are able to install multiple signatures on one computer and share them on the organization’s network

ComSign or Personal I.D. Compatible

“The system works with the certified signatures of Comsign or Personal I.D. as well as with the secure digital signature of SPS”

Works with all commonly used ERP systems

Whether you are working with Priority, SAP, Hashavshevet or any other common ERP, you can use SMADAR

Instead of having to purchase a signature for each scanning or invoicing station, or having to go far to scan – you can purchase a signature for the mainframe computer and it will share she signature anywhere on the network

Sharing the signature from the mainframe computer with other computers on the network

When you have a number of scanning or client invoicing stations, there is no longer a need to purchase a digital signature for each of them. SmartSign will enable the mainframe computer to share the signature. The various stations will be directed to the SmarSign service on the main computer and it will share the signature, when all of this is done behind the scenes with no manual intervention 

An option to install and share several signatures in the mainframe computer

It is possible to install several signatures in the mainframe computer and use the signature you need only when signing from a remote computer on the network

Compatibility with all the certified signatures in Israel

You can use SmartSign for all certified signature suppliers in Israel by ComSign or Personal I.D. and of course to work with SPS’s secure digital signature as well

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