Put an end to binders, clutter and the unnecessary taking of space. No longer do you need to search for signed delivery notes and additional documentation. It is all saved in the digital archive

Inclusive digital archive

Every document is saved in the digital archive and there is no need to maintain binders. It is all legal and corresponds with the laws of the Tax Authority

Quick retrieval of documents

Instead of searching through binders, you can retrieve the desired document in mere seconds according to date, client, field etc.

Digital Signature

Smadar Digital Archive uses approved / secure digital signatures for the purpose of locking and validating documents, ensuring the original document  remains unchanged.

Works with all common ERP systems

Whether you are working with Priority, SAP, Hashavshevet or any other common Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, you can use SMADAR.

Automatic scanning and cataloguing

Hundreds of delivery notes, invoices, and orders from every company can be scanned in no particular order, and the system will file the documents automatically in their right location in the archive.

Quick check of missing documents

The driver forgot to return a signed delivery note? The system is able to easily locate the missing documents and alert you accordingly

Instead of keeping all the signed documents in binders in the archives, and then wasting many hours in an attempt to locate the desired document – move to a digital archive. Scan all your digitally signed documents straight into the ERP, and find any document in seconds. This will save you a great deal of time and money.

A unique barcode for any certificate (delivery note/ invoice)

When you issue documents from the Client Information System – a barcode is added to the document. The client signs the document, and when it returns to the office – it will be then scanned into the Smadar system, the system will read the barcode and automatically file the documents in the digital archive quickly and easily without manual intervention.

For external procurement documents, a sticker with a barcode can be issued and pasted on the document, and then scanned into the system.

Automatic scanning and cataloguing

After receiving the signed delivery notes for the day, they can all be placed into the scanner and the system will automatically input the files in their right location according to their barcodes

Important reports

The system enables you to track missing documents such as signed delivery notes, to prevent missing documentation and to enable real-time tracking using built-in reports in the system.

Digital signature

The digital signature is an important part of the digital archive and allows you to lock the scanned file (in a PDF format) against changes, and legally guarantees the file is identical to the original document scanned.

The system supports qualified signing of: Personal I.D., ComSign and SecureSign.

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